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  • Psychic Medium Ashley 1pm – 3pm

  • Brady Wells LIVE Music 3pm-6pm

Brady Wells Music

Brady Wells’ music has been described as a mix of soulful folk, country and pop. His lyrics are personal and thought-provoking.

Psychic Medium Making Moments

Ashley offers her intuitive abilities on relationships, career, life path, and manifesting your dreams under any circumstances.

A clairsentient tarot reader, she needs only your name and specific question to share her quick and highly detailed insight. Able to hone into the deep thoughts of others, she excels at looking at relationship dynamics, whether they be romantic or platonic.

CLAIRVOYANT Using this ability to see in visions what is coming , Ashley uses this to find the right door to help and to guide you on the right way for you to get what you want out of your life.

EMPATHIC She know what others are feeling about you. If a relationship is becoming wacky, she can see why.

TAROT uses the the ancient cards as a means to uncover hidden truths. She uses the cards in her clairvoyant way … to open up the path a bit brighter.

COUPLES Using her psychic abilities, she can help ascertain and find what’s getting mixed up or what communication issues are going on with you and your partner.

DREAMS Tell her what your dreams showed you in nights previous, and she will tell the hidden meaning behind them and what message it holds!

CHANNELING/MEDIUM Here she channels the messages of guides, spirits angels or your guardians to give you the message they have to to give you. As a medium she listens to loved ones of old and newly gone to impart their wisdom to you as they flourish in the Summerland.